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Min Database for Windows (English)
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Easy to use database program in English
Finally, an easy to use database program for Windows. Direct support to create your own graphic page views and its own list views. Beautiful design and extremely user friendly.

Gorgeous visual presentation of data you can create by yourself. Print lists, hole records, labels, etc. In a way, Min Database for Windows is an all-in-one solution to database. You have everything you need in Min Database for Windows.

The program works with
Windows Vista , Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The program is recommended for individuals, small organizations and associations. The program is able to search though 100,000 records with extensive search criteria in under 2 seconds on a standard Windows PC. And should therefore be the right program for those people who want to store record information for any reason.
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Database program for all
Min Database for Windows are aimed at PC users who do not want complicated formulas and menu options, but users who require a simple yet powerful tool in everyday to record information. One of the most important when you have a database full of information is to adapt all or a selection of these information to you. Min Database for Windows provides a virtually complete virtual designer mode where you can decide how to present the data to the screen and printer.

The intention of the program is to offer users an easy and comfortable way to use, learn and understand a database.

There are multitudes of database-related applications on the market, but most have a support that is "enormous" far beyond what an ordinary human needs, or small business needs. In addition, also most programs are related professionals with extensive experience and these programs have also usually a far higher price than the Min Database for Windows has.
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PDF documentation included

It include a comprehensive documentation with over 50 A4 pages in PDF format. This is available in English language ​​and is in the program itself. If you want, you can also get it here:

English user manual :
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Everything can be adapted and adjusted in Min Database for Windows
An important part of Min Database are all more or less everything can be set to your preference. Every database you open may have their own screen views -both list and page views. Individual print layout, list and label printing.

In addition, the default values ​​used often can be stored. And if that is not enough, meta tags can be used both for displaying and printing. Almost only limit is your imagination on how you want it to look. We do not stop there -even the windows color can be changed.

Min database has a number of awards internationally

We have created a separate page with awards and tests of the program